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Newbie here..

Okay well I came across this community like a minute ago.. Felt that it just screamed my name.. (heh..) so i decided to join...well first off my name is Ashley and I'm 16 years old.. And I know that I'm a little young to be complaining of a broken heart..but alas i am... I may seem young.. but I'm alot maturer then most... Neways... I've was dating this guy for about 7 months.. and then recently he decided to dump me.. And it was like my whole world just started to collaspe all around me... And even two weeks later.. Its still falling down... Before I met him.. my life sucked.. I was always depressed... and i had no one i could really trust...Then I met him.. And everything started to get better...He provided this protection that I really needed... When he hugged me for the first time.. It was like I could finally breathe again... I don't know if that sounds weird or not.. but its the truth...And soon everything that was once bad in my life was good... I loved him with all my heart and everything was going so least thats what I thought...For a couple of months before we broke up he wanted to end it anyway...And he did... we broke up for 3 days in may.. and i know it may sound sad... but it was the hardest three days of my life...ever since the first time he broke with me...things went down hill....Till the day he really ended it.. this time its for good... he said that he didn't want a girlfriend anymore...Ick.. I miss him soo much...Its gotten to the point where I can't eat..I can't sleep... All i want to do is be in his arms again... but I can't.. So I'll have to suffer witht he fact that its a nightmare I'm waking up TO ..rather then a nightmare I'm waking up FROM ...
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