my secrets are your dreams.... (fallenreliquary) wrote in shatteredhearts,
my secrets are your dreams....

we drank each other apart
and the memorys are extending
ghosts of impacted
the hell with you, and your freinds,
i should just settle, settled
and the choices that we make,
the words were so heavy
the alleyways neverending
the worst day was the best day,
the day after tommorow,
then we fall in the oblivion
of words that are not just words
but its a feeling that we all keep bleeding
into these lines of an emotion so heavy
we can take so blinded,
the eyes avoiding the truth,
we can live so carlessly,
the masticated hearts surround youth,

grievance over something
so selfishly denying
patence for a lie,
a love that is trying,
what was the point
for its so much to take
and we are all whore to gulteny we feed
never seeming satify,
at what price will you bleed?
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