Renee (hersheykiss242) wrote in shatteredhearts,

and i had this dream last night
where you were standing there
but i couldn't reach you.
there was a man blocking our path
and as much as we tried to hold on
the tall, dark man kept us apart.
till finally you jus disappeared.
and the man was all that remained.
he finally let me loose.
and as i ran to find you
i came upon a white door
as i opened it, i got a bad feeling
it grew in the pit of my stomach
there you were, with my best friend
kissing, fucking, holding each other.
as she saw me, a smile was drawn on her face
one not of kindess or friendliness
but one with the marks of evil
and slowly you and her and the door
all of it flew farther away from me
i was falling faster and faster into nothingness
and then i woke up
since i am nothing to you now
does it even matter that i exist
we are done and i know it in my heart
so i will just sink further into this
and the smaller i get the less it will hurt
till i can finally fall into that black hole
maybe dreams can come true
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